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This is Zach's Friend-Only Journal, yo

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Jul. 21st, 2019



Orgy AU of Crazy

Characters: Lance Alvers, Zach Teller, Joey Holmberg
Location: BNL Concert
Summary: Crazy. Sex. (with no relevance or connection to 12mb or any of its spinoffs)

Zach could not be more excited. Yeah, it was just a concert, but he was going with his BFF, Joey, and a guy they had both met recently. His name was Lance and he was pretty cool. He was also 21 which was nice..

He tugged his too-small Barenaked Ladies shirt over his head and began to spike up his hair, ignoring Kerrie's motherhenning. She was screaming at him to be careful and he just wanted to.. scream back. But he wouldn't. That wouldn't get him anywhere, especially not to the concert on time.

Dropping by Joe's house and getting to the place just shy of a half hour early, they sat around and waited for Lance, shooting the breeze and looking at the pretty girls that might talk to them.. someday.